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Advance Your Travel Expertise by Earning Your Travel Technology Specialist Certification


This course is designed for the ambitious travel advisors eager to boost their expertise in the intersection of travel and technology. By completing this educational journey, you will earn your Travel Technology Specialist Certification, a mark of distinction affirming your knowledge and ability to leverage technology in the travel sector.

This coursework provides overviews of various facets of travel technology, from essential tools such as Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and destination research solutions, to cutting-edge areas like Travel Risk Management and the use of Business Intelligence and analytics tools. You will learn about these different technologies that can help you make data-driven decisions, personalize your services, and ensure your clients' safety and satisfaction during their travel experiences.

The course consists of brief overviews and quick explanations to the advantages of various travel technologies.


- Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

⁃ Destination Research Solutions

⁃ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

⁃ Itinerary Management and Deployment

⁃ Travel Risk Management (TRM) Solutions

⁃ Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Tools

⁃ Online Presence and Social Media Management Tools

Graduate Benefits

Graduates of the Travel Technology Specialist course not only receive a downloadable Graduate Certificate but can also send their certificate to certbenefits@ntmllc.com to claim full access extended trials to both travel42 and AXUS Travel App. With travel42, you'll access detailed and unbiased information about destinations worldwide, empowering you to provide personalized and knowledgeable service. The AXUS platform speeds up the planning process by allowing you to create, collaborate, and share custom travel itineraries with clients through various digital formats.

Register for Travel Technology Certification Program today and transform your services into an unrivaled blend of travel expertise and tech-savvy efficiency. Your journey to becoming a certified Travel Technology Specialist starts here!

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