Share the Magic of Loreto, Mexico with Your Clients

Both a soothing sanctuary of natural beauty and a charming community that has long celebrated the best of life through its food, traditions, art and architecture, Loreto truly fulfills the notion of a hidden gem set among the many attractions of a trending vacation spot – in this case, the seaside coastline of the southern Baja California peninsula.

Find out how to treat your serenity-loving outdoor adventurers to a stay in this immensely walkable (or bikeable) town, where right around the corner from their inn they can find a great restaurant, centuries-old church still in operation, white-sand beach, or a boat waiting to take them to waters rich in marine life. Or maybe they'll find themselves in the midst of a lively festival honoring Loreto's patron saint, Chocolate Clams or the Blue Whale!!

Loreto has earned the status of a “Magical Town” by the Mexican government for the authenticity of its experiences. Enroll in its training to learn more about its amazing offerings and share the magic with your clients.

Graduate by March 31st to be automatically entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card!


Graduate Benefits

Certificate of graduation as a Loreto Specialist

Continuing Education Units for members of The Travel Institute. Go to for details on the certification programs, eligibility for continuing education credits and how to receive these credits following graduation.

What You’ll Learn

    • How Loreto embodies the tranquility of a remote destination while being easily accessible for most North Americans
    • Which activities are best for enjoying the Gulf of California / Sea of Cortez, one of most biodiverse bodies of water in the world – from sport fishing to whale watching to snorkeling and diving to island hopping
    • The history behind Loreto's most prominent architectural works, including the first mission in the Californias
    • The range of independent lodging options, including boutiques, small inns and a golf resort
    • Ideas for getting around and experiencing the two main areas that make up Loreto – and where to find the best beaches
    • The experiences that make Loreto a Magical Town
    • And more!

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