Israel Destination Specialist Program


Introduction - Required Module

Start building a framework for tailoring travel in Israel for a variety of clients. This module will present the amazingly varied geography of this small country, interesting facts about its diverse population and the training its tour guides receive, as well as an overview of major attractions, cities, hotels, and much more.

Christian Travel through Israel — General and Faith-Based

At the heart of this module is a set of model itineraries (i.e., ones that can guide you in choosing among the offerings of tour operators or can inspire you to create your own) aimed at Christian travelers. Such travelers can include Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, and those with a general curiosity in history. You will learn about the differences between Catholic and Protestant interests when traveling in Israel and pick up a little bit of ancient and biblical history along the way.

Multigenerational and Heritage Travel in Israel

Cultural and religious exploration in Israel pulls in all ages, making it a particularly rewarding destination for families and groups seeking to learn about their past and/or just have fun together. Among the topics covered in this module are outdoor, educational, and cultural/religious activities for multigenerational groups, cities that serve as excellent travel hubs for FIT travelers, and attractions geared toward people of different faiths.

Food, Wine, and Culture

In this module you will discover how Israel's multi-ethnic population has given rise to a fascinating fusion of flavors and an array of restaurants and markets, how its excellent wine regions stem from a strong tradition dating back thousands of years, and how its rich history and devotion to creativity have lent themselves to vibrant museums and venues for the arts. You will also learn which cities and neighborhoods are great for restaurants and nightlife as well as for LGBTQ+ travelers.

Outdoor Adventure in Israel's Storied Landscapes

This module will give you a sense of Israel's geography and archaeological history as it proceeds region by region detailing the activities that can be enjoyed by both adventurers and those who simply want to soak in nature. Camel riding near Bedouin encampments, swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea, hiking to the top of Masada at sunrise, birdwatching in Eastern Galilee, and rafting on the Jordan river can be enjoyed along with diving, biking, rock climbing, jeep touring, and much more.



Holy Land


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