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Become a WorldBrowser Graduate
Become a WorldBrowser Graduate
Become a WorldBrowser Graduate
Become a WorldBrowser Graduate
Become a WorldBrowser Graduate
Become a WorldBrowser Graduate

WorldBrowser: Inventory and the Travel Professional

Thank you for selecting Travel Agent Academy's WorldBrowser training module.

By taking this course, you will learn how to make this most innovative new resource for travel professionals work to help you grow your business, burnish your reputation as the go-to travel professional in your community, and target sales horizons you may never have considered possible.

As new as WorldBrowser is, your first question is a fair one: "Why do I need WorldBrowser, and why should I even want it at my agency?"

Be assured, this is not rocket science. Like any retailing business, your travel agency is based on inventory, yours, separate from that of any other travel industry entity. It is an inventory not of planes or seats, hotels or rooms, or cruise ships or cabins. WorldBrowser's slogan A Universe of Travel Ideas says it best; it is an inventory of ideas concerning the sights, activities, and experiences ("attractions") that inspire your customers' excitement, wonder, and anticipation of the adventures ahead. By comparison with what's easily accessible using a GDS, information about your inventory has been undervalued, and its front-line importance to sales largely ignored. WorldBrowser is introduced to fill a void travel professionals have had to work around for too long.

Any business with any kind of inventory, be it seats, rooms, cabins, merchandise on shelves, or ideas, must have a solid handle on it to function effectively and reach its full potential. This is no less true in travel. It means having a thorough understanding of its size, scope and variety, and being able to access information needed, for any kind of travel experience, anywhere in the world, with the same facility enjoyed when accessing flight schedules and fares in a GDS.

WorldBrowser's mission is to take you beyond 'basic training' into a new realm of business operations, providing sales support to complement destination specialist modules, continued in-house education, new agent training, and the growth and development of new markets and specializations.

Register, log-in and let's begin...

Graduate Benefits

Certificate of completion as a WorldBrowser Graduate

2 Continuing Education Units for members of The Travel Institute. Go to www.thetravelinstitute.com for details on the certification programs, eligibility for continuing education credits and how to receive these credits following graduation.

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