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Learn How to Sell Endless Discoveries!

Japan's endless opportunities for discovery include both modern and ancient treasures, as well as stunning natural landscapes with a beauty all their own. Learn about Japan's historic monuments, castles, shrines and museums; colorful festivals; unique cultural, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences, and more.

Important note: The JTS E-Learning Program is available for North American and South American travel agents only. We regret that this program is not open to students who are not professional travel agents.

Japan Travel Specialist General Course

It's easy. All you need to do is study three chapters (we also hope you will travel to all the various links in the program to further your education) and pass three exams. The exams are automatically scored, so you'll know how you're doing right away and you will have the opportunity to go back and correct any mistakes. Once you complete the Japan Travel Specialist General Course, you will receive access to the Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master's Course. Here, you can continue your education and receive advanced certification after studying one chapter and passing one exam.

Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master's Course

The Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master's Course will assist you in combining what you've learned so far with the resources and insights you need to map out the best Japan vacation options suited to the particular needs and special interests of each client.

For more information on Japan Travel Specialist benefits, contact Japan National Tourism Organization via e-mail: jts@us.jnto.go.jp


Graduate Benefits

Certificate of graduation as a Japan Travel Specialist (JTS).

2 CEU credits (Japan Travel Specialist General Course), 2 CEU credits (Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master's Course) from The Travel Institute; 4 credits (Japan Travel Specialist General Course), 4 credits (Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master's Course) from the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA). Go to www.thetravelinstitute.com or www.acta.ca for details on the certification programs, eligibility for continuing education credits and how to receive these credits following graduation.

Priority invitation to familiarization trips, seminars hosted by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), and Japan tourism events hosted by JNTO's supporting suppliers.

Consumer leads: Free internet listing as a Japan Travel Specialist Travel Agent on our website (www.us.jnto.go.jp). Consumers visiting this site while planning their vacations will have access to your contact information if they wish to seek expert advice and booking assistance.

Free promotional materials.

Bi-monthly newsletter with updates on destinations, products, and offers.

JTS Desk for firsthand support in offering tourism information to your clients.

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