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Here Comes the Sun Triangle

Welcome to our interactive Sun Specialist course. Here you’ll explore three of Mexico’s iconic destinations: the vibrant and always evolving Acapulco, the culture + comfort of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and the Pueblo Mágico allure of charming Taxco.

What's Old is New Again

In the Pacific Mexico state of Guerrero, yesterday’s cultural and natural wonders are savored within easy reach of legendary comfort, flavor, and hospitality. Ancient Amerindian civilization emerged from the river valleys and eastern mountains of Guerrero. The Spanish colonial port of Acapulco and mountain town of Taxco carried global trade for centuries, uniting two hemispheres and giving ‘globalization’its birth. In the 20th Century Acapulco blossomed to become Mexico’s glamorous star, while Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo began welcoming visitors to its seaside village and tropical resort style.

Wherever your clients start, Guerrero is filled with discovery. 300 miles of golden, tropical seacoast backed by the pine covered Sierra Madre del Sur, Guerrero is today an under-appreciated land of ancient relics, indigenous communities, unhurried villages, and modern comforts. Start your discovery today.

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