It is estimated that in 2006, 2.3 million Americans got married. It’s time you got a piece of this huge potential market for honeymoons and destination weddings. This Travel Agent Academy Category Specialist program explores the lucrative market and offers you how-to tips and ways to get your share of it. It also offers details on destinations, resorts and more that can help you close the sale with your bride-and-groom prospects.

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Graduate Benefits

  • Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist diploma and exclusive use of a Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist logo

  • Eligibility for 2 CEUs from The Travel Institute

  • Special client offers for participating agents


How Do You Become a Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist?

Register or log in now and study the three seminars. The various links, videos and photo montages will also help you discover more on the subject. Then pass the quiz that follows each seminar. The quizzes are automatically scored, so you’ll know how you’re doing right away, and you will have the opportunity to go back and correct any mistakes. Once you pass all three quizzes, you will qualify as a Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist!

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