Welcome to the Thailand Golden Agent Specialist Program
    Learn why Thailand is attracting more and more consumers each year. And, with the host of exciting celebrations and special events on tap for 2006 and beyond, this education will prove especially valuable to your profit potential. Log-in and access all the tools you need to increase your profits through sales to the gateway to Indo-China.  


Why should I sign up?

  • Thailand Golden Agent specialist graduates will gain exposure every time a consumer asks for information from the Thailand Tourism Authority. A list of agent specialists, with their contact information, will be distributed at all events.
  • Thailand Golden Agents are priority listed for future familiarization trips to the destination.
  • Thailand Golden Agents receive all the latest information, product news and specials before anyone else.
  • Best of all, you will gain the confidence you need to effectively and enthusiastically sell this great destination, gain high-end commisisons and the gratitude of satisfied customers who will return to you again and again.



How do I become a Thailand Golden Agent?





It's easy. All you need to do is study six short lessons (we also hope you will travel to all the various links for on-going education) and correctly answer a few quizzes. The quizzes are automatically scored, so you'll know how you're doing right away and you will have the opportunity to go back and correct any mistakes.

Once you pass, you will be able to print out a certificate designating you as a Thailand Golden Agent Specialist! And, your name and contact information will be included in the list of Golden Agents distributed in response to all consumer inquiries about Thailand.

  For more information on the Thailand Golden Agent Specialist Program, contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand's North American office at 1-800-THAILAND or e-mail tatla@ix.netcom.com. For questions on seminar functionality or specialist certificates, email TravelAgentAcacemy at support@travelagentacademy.com or call 866-230-2437.