Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas

category: resorts,hotel

The Caesars Las Vegas Specialist Program, is currently being updated for 2013. It will be back up very soon! In the meantime, please visit our travel agent site at for more information on all of our Caesars Entertainment resorts!

Cancun Tourism Institute

category: destination

Visit the Brand New Cancun Tourism Institute with a wealth of resources, training courses and a rewards program. You will be a Cancun Specialist in no time.

Chengdu Specialist Program

category: destination

Discover why Chengdu is referred to as China’s China.

Coming Soon: Couples Resorts

category: resorts,hotel

Couples Resorts

Desire Resorts Specialist

category: resort,resorts,hotel

Learn about the special features that Desire Resorts the right choice for your niche clients: couples who want a clothing optional, all-inclusive resort, where open-minded adults have unforgettable experiences.

Ecuador Specialist Program

category: destination

Discover Ecuador: Become an Ecuador Specialist Today!

European Quartet Specialist

category: destination

Take a look at the new European Quartet Campus! Increase your knowledge on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Fiesta Americana Expert

category: resorts,hotel

Gain critical product knowledge and sales confidence for our three award-winning brands: Fiesta Americana, Fiesta Americana Grand and Live Aqua.

GOGO Worldwide Vacations

category: services,niches

GOGO Vacations is a leading wholesaler of value- and amenity-packed vacation packages, exclusively serving the travel agent community. Study this chapter and pass the quiz at the end to earn specialist status.

Honduras Expert

category: destination

This is Honduras, where land meets sea and the fire of cultures past and present shines brightly. Discover with your fellow agents a land where wonder is limited only by imagination.

Hyatt Family

category: niches

Sell Family Travel gives you all the background and sales information you need to boost sales and grab your share of this huge market. Enroll now to start earning specialist status and increasing your revenue.

Hyatt Romance Course

category: niches

The Hyatt Romance Course provides the sales tips and marketing advice you need to capitalize on this tried-and-true market. Enroll now to start earning specialist status and to cash in with increased sales.

Hyatt Travel Specialist

category: hotel

Learn how to sell Hyatt’s more than 440 hotels and resorts worldwide, its core brands and extensive leisure and business travel opportunities.

Israel Specialist Program

category: destination

Some 3.5 million tourists visited Israel in 2012, more than ever before in the country’s 65-year history. The Israel Specialist program is designed to assist you in appealing to Israel’s three primary markets.

IZ Insider Program


Food and Wind Magazine is hosting the Second Annual 'Food and Wine Festival' March 22-24. Got clients intersted? Then time to become an 'Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Insider'.

Japan Travel Specialist

category: destination

“Tour” Japan’s modern and ancient attractions – a natural beauty all its own; historic monuments, castles and shrines; pop culture and more.

Jordan Travel Specialist

category: destination

Explore how Jordan, which once captivated ancient travelers, continues to enthrall a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation.

Magic of Mexico

category: destination

Are you Mexico-Fluent? Ready to sell the most popular international destination for American vacationers?

Mazatlan Mazters

category: destination

Are you selling Mexico's only Colonial City on the beach?

Merlin North America Specialist Program

category: services

Merlin Entertainments Group is the second largest entertainment company in the world. Discover what sets Merlin North America attractions apart from any other attractions in the world.

Mexico Hotel Courses

category: hotel

Sell Mexico's leading EP and all-inclusive resorts by taking our quick, concise e-lessons. Earn FREE STAYS and other rewards upon graduation.

Morocco Champion Course

category: destination

Morocco's allure is so strong, it's likely to ensure that your clients' first trip will be one of many. Become a Morocco Champion today!

Oasis Loves You

category: resorts,hotel

Getting Oasis Connect Certified is easy and fun, because Oasis loves agents. We’re confident you’ll love us, too – especially once we get reacquainted.

Paul Gauguin Cruise's PEARLS Program

category: cruise,"cruises

The PEARLS Accredited Partner program gives in-depth knowledge, insider information, and solid sales techniques that work!

Peru Agent Specialist

category: destination

Ready to win a trip for two to Peru with AIR? The all-new Peru Agent Specialist features dynamic news, package deals, educational courses, plus videos, webinars, maps, and so much more.

Puerto Rico Travel Expert

category: destination

2011 HSMAI Winner - Visit the new Puerto Rico Travel Expert Campus, pass the General Courses (Chapters 1-4) and gain access to the exciting Incentives/Rewards program and Master’s Course.

Puerto Vallarta Pro

category: destination

Have you seen our all new boardwalk malecon?

Riu Specialist Program

category: resort,resorts

Learn about RIU's three brands, Riu Classic, Riu Palace and Riu Plaza and how each targets a distinct client base, offering something for everyone.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

category: services

2011 HSMAI Winner - Enter the wondrous world of this unique collection of 11 parks throughout the country and find out what makes them the best-known family-oriented theme parks in the world

Sell Asia Travel

category: destination,niches

Asia is a fascinating and complex destination that's growing in tourism traffic. And this course will aide you in grasping all you need to know about this exciting destination.

Sell Family Travel

category: niches

The family market is one of the most consistent segments of travel. In this three-chapter educational program, you’ll learn how to sell and profit from the family market and get insider tips on becoming an expert.

Sell River Cruises

category: cruise,niches

River cruising is one of the hottest segments in travel today. This Sell River Cruises program has all the information you need to capitalize on this rapidly growing market.

Sell Romance Travel

category: niches

The romance and honeymoon market is large and lucrative. This three-chapter course has plenty of sales tips, marketing advice and product information to help you profit from this segment.

South Africa FUNDI

category: "destination,destination

This exciting course guides you in selling South Africa, as well as giving you the tools to secure that booking.

Coming Soon: St. Maarten


St. Maarten

Sud De France Travel Academy

category: destination

Discover the Languedoc-Roussillon region, this mountainous, sun-drenched region kissing Spain and hugging the southernmost curve of the Mediterranean Sea. Complete the online training and become eligible for a FAM trip (For agents based in the United States and Canada only).

Sun Triangle Specialist Program

category: destination

Explore three of Mexico’s iconic destinations: vibrant Acapulco, the culture of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and charming Taxco

Superclubs Specialist

category: resort,resorts,hotel

SuperClubs has a resort for everyone, this comprehensive SuperClubs Specialist Program provides details and key selling points covering each of these brands.

Switzerland Advisor Program

category: destination

Welcome to the new Switzerland Advisor program (Gold level). Switzerland is one of the best destinations for travelers looking for active vacations, unforgettable experiences and unique accommodation.

Affiliated: The Ke Kula O Hawaii Specialist Course

category: affiliated

Here’s an easy way to increase your sales to America’s favorite vacation destination – the Ke Kula O Hawaii (The School of Hawaii) destination specialist course.

TravelSafe Specialist Program

category: services

Learn why you should be selling 3rd party instead of supplier plans and become certified in Travel Protection!

Unlimited Budget Specialist Program

category: services

Learn about Unlimited Budget's travel agent loyalty program, with the benefits you really want – dollar rewards. Unlimited Budget puts your earning potential into overdrive.

Windstar Cruises Specialist Program

category: cruise,cruises

Windstar Cruises features a global fleet that extends our unique small ship style of travel throughout the world! Come find out why our vacation experiences are 180° From Ordinary®.

Coming Soon: Xcaret