Chile is truly one of the most remarkable places on Earth. A land of extremes and superlatives, this sliver of a country on the western edge of South America – 4,300 kilometers (2666 mi) long, but only 177 kilometers (110 mi) wide – is home to both the world’s driest desert and rainiest alpine forests. From snow-capped volcanoes and icy fjords to sunny beaches, and fertile vineyards almost every type of scenery is available here.

In each of Chile’s five geographic zones – North & Atacama Desert, Santiago, Valparaíso & Central Valleys, Lakes & Volcanoes, Patagonia & Antarctica, and Oceanic Islands – its friendly people, top-notch accommodations and dining, and wealth of recreational opportunities, make Chile a must-see destination.

The country’s reputation for fine wines and delicious cuisine, welcoming atmosphere and splendid array of natural and cultural attractions means there’s something for virtually everyone to enjoy.

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